Computer Science

This collection includes optimization problems that arise in computer science and computer architecture applications.

Domino Artwork

This case study describes the optimization model that underlies the NEOS Domino solver, which constructs pictures from target images using complete sets of double-nine dominoes. Complete sets of double-nine dominoes include one domino for each distinct pair of dot values from 0 to 9. The NEOS Domino solver is an implementation of the work of Robert Bosch of Oberlin College.

Mathematical Modeling Case Studies in Computer Architecture

This set of case studies is a companion for the synthesis lecture Optimization and Mathematical Modeling in Computer Architecture, which explores using mixed integer linear programming (MILP) to solve challenging problems in the field. These companion pages provide a brief overview and interactive demo of each of the four case studies described in the book.

Supervised Machine Learning with a Support Vector Machine

This case study provides some background on machine learning and formulates a learning problem for a support vector machine as a quadratic programming problem. It includes an applet for solving the problem and displaying the hyperplane solution. (Coming Soon!)