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Technical Support

If you have problems with a particular solver or with a job submission, contact us at Please include the solver name and the job submission number.

For solvers hosted at ASU, please contact Hans Mittelmann for assistance. These solvers include

  • nsips for semi-infinite optimization;
  • csdp, mosek, penbmi, pensdp, scipsdp, SDPA, sdplr, sdpt3, sedumi, bnbs, ddsip, sd for semidefinite programming;
  • bnbs, ddsip, sd for stochastic linear programming;
  • condor for nondifferentiable optimization;
  • bpmpd, SoPlex80bit for linear programming;
  • icos for global optimization;
  • feaspump, proxy, qsopt_ex for mixed-integer linear programming; and
  • scip for global optimization and mixed-integer linear programming for all input types except GAMS.

Solver Submissions

If you are interested in submitting your solver to NEOS, please contact us at with a brief description of the solver. Please include a copy of any available documentation or links to online documentation.

Comments and Suggestions

We welcome your comments and suggestions on the NEOS Guide and the NEOS Solver. Contact us at with your comments and suggestions.