User's Guide to the NEOS Server

Overview of the NEOS Server

The NEOS Server is a free internet-based service for solving numerical optimization problems. Hosted by the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, the NEOS Server provides access to more than 60 state-of-the-art solvers, both commercial and open source, in more than a dozen optimization categories. The NEOS Server offers a variety of interfaces for accessing the solvers, and jobs run on distributed high-performance machines enabled by the HTCondor software.

Getting Started with the NEOS Server

For first-time users of the NEOS Server, we recommend that you read the Overview of the Job Submission Process to learn about the steps involved in submitting a job to NEOS and about the different submission interfaces. For new users, the web interface is the easiest way to submit jobs to the NEOS Server.