Until 2010, the NEOS Server was supported by the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory. Many thanks to Jorge Moré, Sven Leyffer, Todd Munson, and Jason Sarich for their contributions over the years.

The development of the NEOS Server, Version 5.0, is partially supported by

  • the Mathematical, Information, and Computational Sciences Division subprogram of the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing, U.S. Department of Energy, under Contract W-31-109-Eng-38,
  • the National Science Foundation (Challenges in Computational Science) grant CDA-9726385,
  • the National Science Foundation (Information Technology Research) grant CCR-0082807, and
  • the National Science Foundation (Operations Research Program) grant DMI-0322580.

Computational resources are provided by

Derivatives and sparsity patterns of nonlinear problems are computed automatically with

The NEOS Server is a collaborative project of the optimization community. Researchers associated with the Optimization Technology Center deserve special mention, in particular, Jean-Pierre Goux and Jeff Linderoth. A hopefully complete list of collaborators can be found on the collaborators page, but several efforts stand out:

  • Hans Mittelmann introduced the semi-infinite optimization and semidefinite and second order cone programming areas on the NEOS Server. He is also the solver administrator for more than a third of the solvers.
  • David Gay provides constant support for the AMPL solvers.
  • GAMS Development Corporation both provides solver support and has developed a GAMS to AMPL translator.
  • Companies provide popular commercial solvers free-of-charge for access through the NEOS Server (FICO's Xpress Optimization Suite, Mosek ApS's Mosek, and OptiRisk Systems'FortMP).
  • Sun Microsystems has donated seven Workstations to the Optimization Technology Center for use in running NEOS jobs.