Facility Location Problem

This real life layout redesign decision can be modeled and solved as an optimization problem. The objective would be to minimize all costs including cost of making layout changes and cost of material handling. This is implemented using GAMS/MIRO. Users can run the model on default data, view the results, then change data to generate a new scenario, comparing two saved scenarios in the comparison tool.

Project Scheduling with CPM

Given a list of activities required to complete a project along with the duration of each activity and the dependencies between activities, the objective of the Critical Path Method (CPM) is to determine the sequence of activities that minimizes the latest completion time.

The Cutting Stock Problem

The origin of the cutting stock problem is in the paper industry. Given paper rolls of fixed width and a set of orders for rolls of smaller widths, the objective of the Cutting Stock Problem is to determine how to cut the rolls into smaller widths to fulfill the orders in such a way as to minimize the amount of scrap.