Interactive Rogo Puzzle

Given a rectilinear grid with numbered squares and forbidden squares, the objective of Rogo is to find a loop of fixed length (pre-specified) with the maximum score. The score is calculated by summing the numbers in the squares on the loop. To play, select a puzzle board from the pull-down menu. The puzzles are introductory puzzles from the Rogo website. For the best results, we recommend using Firefox for this interactive case study.

The rules of the game are (1) the loop can start on any square, (2) the loop must end at the starting square, (3) the loop may contain only horizontal and vertical steps (diagonal steps are forbidden), (4) the loop may visit a square at most once, and (5) the loop may not include any forbidden squares. Select any square to begin. As you select squares, the first box shows the number of steps remaining and the second box shows the current score. To submit the problem to NEOS to find the maximum score, click on the "Solve with NEOS" button. Have fun!

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