Diet Problem Solver

The Diet Problem case study provides the history and presents a linear programming formulation of the diet problem. The objective of the diet problem is to select a set of foods that will satisfy a set of daily nutritional requirements at minimum cost. In this interactive demo, you can select the foods to be considered and specify the nutrient levels to be satisfied. You might be surprised at the contents of an optimized menu! For the best results, we recommend using Firefox for this interactive case study.

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Create your own optimized menu!

To create your own optimized menu, select the foods that you would like to consider in your menu and specify the nutritional constraints that you would like to satisfy.

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Food Selection

  • Mark the checkbox next to each food that you would like to consider in your menu. Note that you are more likely to get a solution if you select more food choices.
  • Edit the "Min" and "Max" values if you would like to change the defaults for the number of servings of each food from Min = 0 and Max = 10.

Nutritional Requirements

  • Unselect the checkbox next to any nutrients that you do not want to consider.
  • Edit the "Min" and "Max" values for the nutrient levels if you would like to change them from their defaults.