Bioengineering can be thought of as the application of engineering principles and techniques to biology and medicine. The scope of the field is broad, ranging from the development of prosthetics and specialized medical devices to the study of cellular chemical production. This case study collection features bioengineering applications in which optimization plays a key role in the analysis and/or solution of the problem.

  • Metabolic Engineering Problem
    The Metabolic Engineering Problem describes a new optimization approach to identify the optimal metabolic and regulatory gene deletions to maximize the production of a desired chemical. The case study includes an applet for experimentation.
  • Determining Protein Structure
    This case study presents two formulations for the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Structure Based Assignment (SBA) problem for assigning NMR spectrum peaks to underlying atoms.
  • Kidney Exchange
    This example on the Gurobi Optimization website solves the problem of how to exchange kidneys between donors and patients in need of a transplant.